Our Mision

In the area of Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina over a hundred artificial stone spheres were located. The big stone sphere is the biggest artificial stone sphere found on Earth. The big stone sphere is artificially composed of iron oxide, magnetite, mineral Muscovite, some other minerals in smaller amounts, crystal quartz and it is shaped as a sphere with basalt cement. The big stone spheres were used as a producer of orgone energy. In the strange forest around the big stone sphere we found until now unknown, pieces of destroyed buildings made up of unknown materials and an unknown way

What We Need & What You Get

The build plan:

  • Arrangement of pathways in and around the location
  • Ecological toilet and shower
  • Yurt (place for workshops)
  • Camping area in the forest
  • Forest garden
  • Upgrade of the forest restaurant

The idea is to make a Park in the forest as a space for people that share an interest for alternative energy, archeological findings, permaculture,  ancient knowledge and technologies. We already have a restaurant in the forest which we want to upgrade. We will build a Yurt with a terrace where workshops will be held. We will have a camping area. We will make a system that filters waste water and recycles it in order to use it as a bio toilet and a shower and to make a system to use the other forms of waste. The waste from the toilet will be used to make manure for building the forest garden with permaculture norms.

If we don’t reach the goal we will work with what we have to make the most of it.

The Impact

  • Safe place for workshops and meditation
  • Discovery of ancient knowledge and technology
  • Preservation of historical findings
  • Application of Permaculture

Risks & Challenges

With this project we will protect the area from commercial use like Building Hotels, buildings and destroying archeological findings.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can apply for volunteer work by sending an email to dragonchridhe@gmail.com

Or help us to acquire tools and equipment for archeological findings.